Minimum Ram and Motherboard Requirements?

Hey, so I’m looking at retail motherboards for a mining rig to run locally. Is a board that supports 4 x DDR4 DIMM sockets supporting up to 128GB (32GB single DIMM capacity) of system memory sufficient to mine filecoin?

The OS and other operations will take up some of this right? So with the larger 32GB sectors on main net, is having a hard max of four 32GB DDR4 slots going to be enough?

Not many retail options in the way of LGA 1151 or AM4 socket boards that support 4+ DIMM slots. Should I be looking at server hardware instead?


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in fact the miners are buying server hardware, i can give you a list.
mother board gigabyte MZ01-CE1
RAM DDR4 RECC 32G 2933 server ram
8TB * 12 raid HDD


Where did you get this info? Is it official statement that 32 Gb RAM is enough? Please someone from developers team confirm it.

we bought the hardware for mining, i mean we use 32G x 4 = 128GB, may be in the future we will use 32 x 8 = 256GB, the server machine has 8 ram slots.

by the way, you can read the lotus doc:, the team list a mini example, about 128 GiB of RAM.
If you only have 128GiB of ram, enabling 256GB of NVMe swap on an SSD will help you avoid out-of-memory issues while mining

thanks for the hardware details! Have you ran any benchmark on this configuration? Is a 7282 powerful enough?

I know about testnet config, but “There is no guarantee this testing configuration will be suitable for Filecoin storage mining at MainNet launch.” And AFAIK the final specs has not yet been released.

the team has just released a list:

Well, looks like 128 Gb RAM is required minimum… Will there be enough participants to make the network fast and robust with such expensive HW requirements?.. Will there be enough profit to make it worth?..

Apparently no team member has ever replied to a message in this forum which is very odd. I wouldn’t invest too much on this project.

Looks like they are all in Slack…

They don’t reply there either, I have been there too. They only have Q/A sessions in which they answer some questions, not all.