Mining more fielcoin

Hi guys,

I have a doubt the lotus guide was easy so i setup my mining node but I have a doubt now my mining node has the minimum configuration as mentioned in the guide so if i allocate more storage like 2 or 3 tb will I be able to mine more filecoin ? Or is there any other thing which i can improve like cpu,ram or is it better to spin up multiple miners with minimum configuration to mine more.

Thank you in advance for replies :slightly_smiling_face:

you need
AMD 3790X
NVIDIA 2080ti!

I have to ask, so please forgive.

Are you serious about these specs? ( I sort of think that you are, based on my reading other posts. ) - But I have to ask… I thought that perhaps I could throw a spare NUC at this, just for giggles; maybe not however…

UPDATE: Ok, read the docs ( I know…) and hot damn. Whoopsies - guess one does need some serious hardware to throw at this.