My mock FIL from faucet never arrived

I was playing around with the go-filecoin and after running a node I went ahead and claimed mock FIL on , but despite of getting a successfull message in the webpage I don’t seem to receive it in my node, I checked the balance of my wallet and it’s still 0, and also I left the command go-filecoin wallet balance <wallet id> running for a few hours with no ouput at all so far. Am I missing something or an known issue with the faucet or node?

Hi, Bochaco! It might be that your node have to sync up to the block height where you claimed mock FIL. Search after your node on “Storage Mining Consensus Detail” at to check which block height your node is at!

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Thanks @phi-rjan, I just checked on the dashboard it seems block height is 10284 and I see log outputs from my node like the following:

17:45:32.013  INFO       node: Received new block from network cid: zDPWYqFD6o1GUbAzitd9Wka3HMuXnmM3Q8ss76ZPVxT2D9JvLnyf block.go:47
17:45:32.689  INFO chain.sync: syncing the chain, currently at block height 10294 default_syncer.go:153
17:45:34.662  INFO chain.sync: chain synced default_syncer.go:141
17:45:34.662 ERROR       node: processBlock(): processing block from network: context deadline exceeded node.go:1096

The block height seems to be the latest ones but I keep seeing errors like that one, could that error be the problem and my node is not really syncing?