Need help from a filecoin expert on our SaaS application

Hey fellow FileCoiners, we are building a SaaS application with the potential to have a scale of dropbox, and we’ve been a bit worried about scale and cost, and we have been building using Amazon S3, but after reviewing filecoin, I’m curious if someone could talk me through, or private message me what it might be like to build our architecture on Filecoin instead in terms of cost and other factors. We are about to launch beta, and are currently built on S3, but are still early enough that we could shift. Looking forward to anyone’s thoughts. Thanks so much for the help.

You could give your customers the option of storing on either. IIRC, there are some S3-esque hooks into Filecoin which should make it relatively painless to try.

I just came across this article, which you may find helpful too: