Performance evaluation on various platforms (x86 + ARM64)

ZigZag 1M Dual A53 Quad A72 Dual a72 Dual Atom x86 Quad core(4.0GHz) Filecoin Benchmark
replication_time 92.9 17.1 18.1 30.4 3.59 3.89
vanilla_proving_time 0.71 0.256 0.257 0.3 0.077 0.09

What is the unit? Is it second?
How much data for this evaluation test?


Log pasted for your question, dual core A53@1.0Ghz unit is Marvell SoC powered device with Samsung 2GB DDR4 (additional swap added to make current go-Filecoin running stably)

This is awesome! Thank you for doing this.

Least replication time depends on how many CPU cores, for 1M data, the least time we tested, is 2.05s on 28-core CPU@2.5Ghz, while proving time depends on how high working frequency of single core.

Thanks! If you find any particular performance bottlenecks regarding proving, would you kindly add some GitHub issues to our proofs repo for us to address?

Additionally, if you’re interested in writing any code or otherwise contributing to the project, we’re very open and excited to have outside collaborators.

Looks like your uploading picture fails

I just clicked on copy and paste with log data, not sure what’s wrong with the display. You can check the last column for benchmarking data published by Filecoin and search their demo for an apple-to-apple comparison.