Please review Korean language support


I’m Sounghwan Park who works for ‘Filecoin Korea’ in Korea.

Our company is Filecoin Mining Company, and we wish you the best of IPFS and Filecoin of Protocol Labs.

Korea is the first IT powerful nation in the world to commercialize 5G, and the most diverse classes of people are using the Internet and smartphones. Therefore, I think it is the most suitable country for the globalization of IPFS.

The popularity of Filecoin continues to rise in Korea as the main net is about to be opened. We know that there are more than 14 file coin mining companies similar to our company, and YouTube’s related videos are continuously produced, uploaded, and the number of views is increasing, so we can realize its popularity.

However, what is unfortunate is that all the materials posted to Protocol Labs are being uploaded in English and Chinese. Although it is not comparable to China’s big market, I hope you will consider Korea as a partner, which is the most suitable country for the early settlement of IPFS and the infrastructure including file coin fever and various policies.

I am also not good at English, so I have a lot of difficulties in reading materials using a translator. You must be very busy with the opening of Mainnet soon, but if possible, I hope you can support the homepage and materials in Korean language.

Or why don’t you consider making a sub-domain through MOU with a Korean company?

Hi @gksmfthakd,

We can accept Korean language translations as community pull requests although I think using Google Translate or a similar plugin are pretty good for automatic translations to other languages. The website also has a Polish translation (see the bottom footer for the link) because a Polish-speaking community member contributed it.

Chinese translations are on our site for mining and other critical updates because there’s a huge community in China. If the community in Korea grows we can consider more translations in the future.

Protocol Labs does not do official MOUs or partnerships. It prefers collaborations and open source community contributions.

Welcome on board, @gksmfthakd.

This is Steven from IPFS-Force Community from China. We have been working on IPFS and Filecoin for years. There are lots of opportunities in this area.


Welcome on board, @하늘소망님~
Yes, I see FileCoin Korean community growing quickly these days.