Pledging more storage than default sector size issue

Are we able to pledge more storage than the default sector size? When I try to a create a miner larger than default sector size I get the message:

“unsupported sector size: (supported sizes: 268435456)”

I’m entering values in multiples of the 268435456 bytes. Is that the correct way?

Each sector must match a supported size exactly. A single miner can commit many sectors (all of the same size).

@paustria Keep in mind bigger sector sizes are coming to the devnet soon. Very likely in the next release.

@anorth @zenground0 thank you. So as I understand from your response, a miner can pledge multiple sectors, but for the time being the supported size for each sector is 268435456 bytes.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to commit many sectors; however the command for creating miners doesn’t allow sector amounts, just sector size. Below the command:

go-filecoin miner create [–sectorsize=] [–from=] [–peerid=] [–gas-price=] [–gas-limit=] [–preview] [–]

How do I commit multiple sectors?

I’m trying to run “timing tests” storing and retrieving different size data, hence need to create a miner pledging more than the default size storage.

Hey @paustria, right now a client needs to make a deal with your miner (it could be another node that you run) in order to trigger sector commitment. See how to run a client node that can do that here.

Note that this is not a fundamental constraint, it is just the only sector commitment code path we’ve written. We want another mechanism for a miner to directly add its own storage without doing the deal protocol dance. That work is tracked here.

Please also note that the time it takes to run seal and unseal, and therefore the results of your timing tests, will likely change a lot in the next few months.

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