Precommit phase 1 slower than expected


Just getting my miner setup and precommit phase 1 is taking way longer than expected.

First my hardware setup:
Threadripper 3990x
128gb ram
Corsair force 1TB nvme ssd (boot drive, 250gb swap file)
Wd 10TB hdd

Running Ubuntu 20.04 server lts

So far it’s been running precommit phase 1 for 13h. It’s nearly done (generating layer 9 currently).

It looks like it should only take about 4 hours for this step according to these 2 links.

Any thoughts on why it’s so slow???
I had to move my params to the hdd as I didn’t have enough free space in the ssd, but that should only effect the miner/worker in startup right?

I ran cat /prod/cpuinfo and I can see 1 core hitting 4.2ghz so everything seems ok there…

Any thoughts or help is much appreciated!

Tried setting
As it says it speeds things up. Made sure to assign it to the first 4 cores of my CPU. Hopefully that makes the difference.

It’s strange talking to myself, but yes it makes all the difference. Finished precommit phase 1 in 4h instead of 14h!


@lindenpool 恭喜你
@mnx Be sure you used RUSTFLAGS="-C target-cpu=native -g variable during software compilation.

@Rabinovitch Thanks, I did.

sped up precommit phase 1 from taking 14h to only 4h, which is inline with all the benchmarks I saw.