Questions about joining nightly chain

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  1. how to join a nightly chain. I could find some information in this wikipage, however, there is no detailed info regarding how to init a node. I would suppose it is like this: go-filecoin init --genesisfile=, not sure if there should be an option to indicate this is a nightly-net as we do for –devnet-user. Please confirm.
  2. The nightly net is re-deployed everyday, should I re-init my node every time when the net is re-deployed?
  3. I remember in the devnet-user chain, there was a version matching check, does the nightly chain check the hash value of code too? if so, we may need to always use the latest nightly build, right? Thanks.

Answers from @frrist :
Hey @Steven

  1. You will need to supply the --devnet-nightly flag in addition to the --genesisfile flag you have shown above. You can find information on all the flags go-filecoin init accepts by running go-filecoin init --help

  2. Yes, after each redeploy you will need to re-init your node – meaning re-running the init command described above

  3. Yes you will need to be on the same version as nightly, you may find the release here:, or build from source yourself.