Request for a Technical Proof Read of a Report

I was redirected here from slack and hope this is the correct place to post this.

I’m working on a report comparing the FileCoin(FC) protocol and the Chia Protocol and would like it if one or more people could confirm or clarify some of the conclusions I make.

The full report is here(, it was in response to a podcast I listened to with Bram Cohen as the guest. This is a more condensed list of specific points I make throughout the report and would like to be fact checked if possible.

  1. “It was in Protocol Labs’ File Coin white paper[1], published July 19 2017, that the first mention of Proof of Spacetime, that I can find, was published.” Is it actually the earliest mention of Proof of Spacetime?
  2. Name collisions are semantic errors and not syntax errors?
  3. Chia’s Proof of Space and File Coin’s Proof of Replication are both different forms of Proof of Storage.
  4. File Coin’s ProRep includes a modified Proof of Data Possession and Proof of Retrievability. Modified to achieve resilience to Sybil, Outsourcing, and Generatio attacks.
  5. Chia’s PoSp is a modified PoS modified for Grinding attacks(digging double-dipping) and short/long range attacks

This is where I began feeling a little out of my depth

  1. File Coin’s PoSt and Chia’s VDF are Proofs of Sequential work: I know in the filecoin paper PoSt is grouped under your novel proofs of storage along with ProRep but what I was trying to do was find the PoSt counterpart in Chia which I think is their VDF. If I’m just way off base here could you shed some light on how they’re different?
  2. Chia’s Green Paper doesn’t actually publish the term Proof of Time? I looked and all 150 instances of time in the paper are referencing the regular word and not a cryptographic proof.
  3. “Technically a PoS is a proof of work, just a proof of useful work specifically in relation to data.” True/False?
  4. Could FileCoin potentially do this? “FileCoin could potentially be made agnostic between Ethereum or Chia.” Rational taken from the FC white paper: “We integrate a Contracts system… and a Bridge system to bring Filecoin storage in other blockchain[s], and viceversa, to bring other blockchains’ functionalities in Filecoin.”
  5. Idk if you’re involved in this but I found this paper titled “Proofs of Replicated Storage Without Timing Assumptions”. Would the implementation of this result in the merging of your ProRep and PoSt into a single functional proof?

I know this may be dense but if anyone has the time I would really appreciate this :slight_smile:

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