Retrieval Market Status

Hi, just dove into the codebase and am excited to start working on Filecoin!

One thing that was fairly unclear as I was going through it is exactly what the status of the retrieval market is. I’m very new to the codebase so I’m likely just missing something, but it seems like the retrieval market isn’t fully implemented, and the API is still in draft-mode (as are most). Is that right?

I’d like to get started on a Filecoin CDN, but I’m not sure whether I should wait or if Filecoin is already mature enough to productively work on it.


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Hey @npfoss sorry for the late reply here. The current status of the retrieval market is definitely “not implemented” we are working with a very limited retrieval market prototype and have been deprioritizing implemeting an improvement until after landing lots of other protocol implementations.

I am guessing that the filecoin implementation is not yet mature or stable enough for a serious filecoin CDN development effort to begin. One place where you could spend some time if interested is in the filecoin specs repo. As you can see from the retrieval market spec there is still a great deal of work to be done writing down specifications for the retrieval market. Filing an issue with clarifying questions or suggestions for retrieval market requirements in the spec repo would be helpful at this point.

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I see, thanks. No worries, it looks like the project as a whole is moving along well so I’m excited to see where it goes. I’ll definitely raise more questions as they come up