Seeking Feedback: Solo-Miner Hardware

Hi guys,

I would love to contribute to the Filecoin ecosystem and currently evaluating the hardware for a solo-miner rig.

I am currently thinking about the following setup:

  • CPU: AMD EPYC 7502P (32 Core)
  • GPU: 2 x Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000
  • RAM: 256GiB
  • eNVM: 2TiB
  • SSD: 3x4TiB SSD scratch disk
  • Network: 250Mbit Download & 50Mbit Upload

Two questions:

  • It the listed hardware setup sufficent for mainnet usage? If not, what is needed?
  • The hardware is a major investment for me with around $ 12.000. Is it possible to calculate how long it takes for return on investment? How many blocks per day would I ruffly be able to mine?

Happy to join the community!

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Looking at your specs I think these are sufficient.
I’m in the same situation as you. There’s no unambiguous info about your second question. It is very difficult to find out without doing the hardware investment beforehand, including the FIL pledge and then testing out your setup to see what power and reward you can ‘mine’.

As for your first question, the most important factors are the CPU, Memory and GPU specs.
The CPU needs to have a high clock frequency and sufficient cores, based on what I’ve found out by "Googling"around on the net that the real world specs should be as follows:

The most important things are the core frequencies and amount of cores, besides serious storage capacity.

CPU: - at least 12 cores.
- 3GHZ core frequency
( an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X should be a great choice with its 24 cores and 3,8 Ghz)

Sys Mem: 256GB (3200Mhz)

GPU : - Preferably NVIDIA
- 11-24 GB Memory
- many (5000- 10000) CUDA Cores
- High Clockrate
( I’m thinking to buy a GeForce RTX 3090 i )

System/OS: 500GB NVMe
Storage: well, the more the better, so I guess 5x2TB SSD disks with high TBW value.

Network: at least 100Mbit/sec up-down (Here in the Netherlands I have fiber at home 1Gbps up-down)

Hope this confirms what you already knew.

It would be very helpful if the Filecoin team could put an example standalone setup for the small miner on their website, including an average of how many blocks per day such a system mines.
I understand that every system is different, but that would provide one real world example and gives us a clue.




How about Cpu amd epyc 7742
Gpu Nvida Gtx 6000