Some questions prior to start mining

I’m putting together a mining rig (to the specification) and I’m comfortable with the technical setup, but just have a few queries I can’t find answers to.

Q1) I’ve read in other posts I need some FIL to start mining, is this correct and if so how would I obtain some? Basically, do I have to go and buy some?

Q2) Once the miner up and running is there a graceful way to power down the miner for maintenance or decommission ect. I’m guessing it would need sometime to empty the data stores first?

Q3) Just wondering about SSD lifespan and read/writes, once a miner is up and running is there a large amount read/writes constantly, or is there an initial data dump then a much smaller amount of read/writes?

Q4) I was planning a SSD Raid configuration, perhaps 5 or 10 for resilience. Is this recommended or is fine to go for non-raid/max TB capacity?

Q5) Given the large amount of initial investment in hardware / bandwidth for mining, is there any way to calculate potential returns?

Q6) What if there was a catastrophic failure from my side and all the data was lost. How does the network deal with this scenario / what penalties would I expect?

Q7) I can see the requirement for high spec CPU / GPU / RAM+SWAP, but what about the actual storage area disks? does this have to be high spec too?

Q8) What if my internet bandwidth drops, which occasionally happens. Would I just mine slower or would this cause problems that would incur penalties?