SSD vs HDD - Does it matter?

Im sure many will have this same question so I made the title relevant, and a good explanation may award a sticky.

I am thinking of investing in Big Data store as a service platform, with Filecoin integrated as an option (or main function depending on its expectation).

SDD not only perform well but are quieter and cooler to maintain. - However initial outlay costs are obviously expensive.
Performance / Network Power - AND - payout/ROI <<-- Will these be notable factors affecting the service?
It wouldnt make sense to acquire 100TB of SSD for the same price I could get 1000TB HDD If the ROI was reduced based on only capacity.

Also ETA on MainNet?

Kind Regards

Hi @bandit266,

Some miners seem to be using NVMe / SSD for additional memory swap space for computations during the sealing process (and potentially as boot drives).

For storage, as you mention, SSDs may be expensive compared to HDDs, and HDDs may also be more reliable long-term.

The Filecoin mainnet timeline is published here:

as a miner, we bought lots of hdd,and the used hdd is cheaper as so far the mainnet is uncertain.used hdd 8TB cost 900rmb ~~ 130usd.HDD for storage miner, and nvme/ssd for retriev miner may be the best.