Storing files without running a full node

Hi guys,
Do I really need to run & syncronize an own full Filecoin node just for the purpose of storing my files?
If yes, can I run a “public node” to be used by a kind of light (potentially web) client?
What is required from a prospective of “light client”/javasript SDK to connect to the Filecoin Network?
Thank you in advance,

Hi @Vitaliy_C,

Because you need a wallet with tokens to pay for transactions that involve storing and retrieving files, you will need a synced node.

At launch there will likely be a few service providers of public API endpoints that are already synced that developers can use to quickly get FIL and store files. Different groups have been creating some open infra scripts for endpoints like this here.

  • The lotus JSON RPC API is permissioned so requires a token.
  • An updated Filecoin JS SDK / API as a convenience to JS developers is also in progress here. Also see the filecoin-shipyard directory for additional related tools.
  • A light client in the sense of a way to verify transaction inclusion using just block headers without requiring the full chain is not possible with Filecoin at this time.

The ecosystem is early but we hope to see more exploration of tools that support light client workflows in the future.