Terrible experience using Lotus Client

So I built lotus from source and after a few attempts finally got (and kept) synced. (I daren’t stop lotus daemon running if it makes me sync from scratch again.)

Anyway, I got some FIL and imported a file locally. Then I got a list of miners…

Over 100,000 results!!

On trying a client query-ask on several miners, I could not get a single valid response, typical output
2020-07-23T14:49:26.113+0200 WARN main lotus/main.go:81 failed to open stream to miner: routing: not found

So I then found the sort-by num-deals option for the state list-miners command and now it gives me just 50 results but even then I was getting mostly fails on client query-ask.

So I used a script and only 5 out of the 50 (out of >100,000) actually return deal offers.

Here are the 5 miners if you are interested t0123507, t0123392, t0120741, t0118155, t0117734.

So I successfully did a deal with one of these miners and it and sure enough my wallet was depleted and it appeared when I did client list-deals with a status of StorageDealClientFunding.

It would not find the file with an error like 2020-07-23T21:02:30.204+0200 WARN main lotus/main.go:81 failed to get block for bafkxxx: potentially insecure hash functions not allowed

So I waited a few hours and the status has changed to StorageDealSealing but still giving this ^ error

Machine Specs: Octa core, 64GB Ram, NVME, 1Gb/s connection
Daemon: 0.4.1+git.5f1cc6ce+api0.6.0
Local: lotus version 0.4.1+git.5f1cc6ce

Is my above experience what I should be expecting from this platform?