Testnet invitation system still applied?

Hi there,
Long ago I’ve heard that when testnet launches, only large scale miners are qualified to be invited to participate in testnet, is that true?
If so, what’s the standard to be qualified?
Leo from Linden

Thank you for your question! Our testnet will be open and free for everyone to use and access. No invitation is required. We will publicly announce details about the testnet on the Filecoin blog on our launch date (projected for December 11th).

Thank you very much for your reply @brouser
Another thing is that What will be the token mined from testnet? Real FIL or just test token?

All FIL tokens mined before mainnet launch are for test purposes only. Real FIL tokens will not be released until mainnet launch. Please see our FAQs here.

But i see the latest blog ‘Q2&Q3 update’, it says that ‘Testing with sets of large scale miners’. How do you define these large scale miners? Is there anything like invitation or standard to qualify them for large-scale-miner test?