Testnet mining event rules

Hi All,

I am pretty confused with the ongoing testnet mining event,so to participate in the incentivized testnet should I get myself kyc verified ,if so where are those steps and can I run my miner in the cloud ?
Please provide the details I don’t know how long this incentivised testnet event goes on

@hashmehowiam check out this response

Hi @hashmehowiam,

There will also be a blog post update about the testnet incentives program soon, so stay tuned.

Hi Eshon,
The testnet event already started right and it’s been 1 week if I am right so the blog post should have been up by now I am currently running my node I don’t even know if it’s worth it or not am I mining which I will eligible to claim later or wasting money in cloud servers

Hi @hashmehowiam,

The testnet incentives program SpaceRace has not started yet. The current Filecoin calendar is here - I see it starting around July 20th but there may be further confirmation of this soon.