Testnet Mining on AWS not successful

Hi community,

Could you please help with resolving the following issue?

I tried to launch testnet miner on the AWS. I followed steps from https://docs.lotu.sh/.

Everything went well until lotus-storage-miner sectors pledge command. Basically sector pledging process didn’t finish and miner’s power was 0. Perhaps the issue is the same as I want to know why miner power is 0. On the terminal window with the miner running I got “not enough virtual memory” warning, however, I am not sure that this one is relevant.

My AWS configuration is Ubuntu machine with ~192 GB of RAM, 24 cores, 7 TB disk space on the pledged partition.

Thanks for the question, and your interest in Filecoin! We’re actively debugging a host of pledging issues right now.

If you could please create an issue using the “sealing” template here, that would be very helpful! https://github.com/filecoin-project/lotus/issues/new/choose.

Sorry, I can’t. I already terminated EC2 Instance with that data.

If someone was able to launch lotus miner on i3en.6xlarge instance or had the same problem - please drop a line here.