The price of 1 unit of FIL

As I understand, 1 FIL will always correspond to a fixed amount of Gb that can be stored, the thing that changes is how much 1 FIL costs.
So, how many GB can I store for every 1 FIL that I have?
The reason I am asking is because I want to compare it to other solutions to store files like Amazon S3. I want to know how much 1 FIL have to cost in order for it to be as expensive as Amazon S3.



Hi Eduardo,

Filecoin is a decentralized storage incentivization protocol and is not intended to be a fully user- or web 2.0-developer facing platform at launch. We expect that ecosystem developers will probably build S3-like APIs and clients on top of the Filecoin protocol. They may also build or connect other popular blockchain tools like stable coins to improve usability and understandability of storage pricing or build in other features of user-friendly storage clients.

The Filecoin network has not launched so FIL does not exist yet. The price of 1 FIL will be determined by the market and may fluctuate over time. At launch there will also be components of the network that are basic and will undergo more development later on, such as the Retrieval Market (like a decentralized CDN). Another roadmap component is user-defined smart contracts that will enable use of the network to be programmable or bridged to other chains and networks.

Therefore direct comparison to Amazon S3 will take a while to be fully formed in terms of performance, pricing and usability characteristics. Moreover, Amazon has other storage products such as Glacier that could also be used for comparison.

Filecoin is going to be a really interesting attempt to decentralize cloud storage. I hope that any market comparisons to incumbent platforms are tempered by how hard the cloud model is to disrupt and how exciting and research-driven the Filecoin protocol is.


Thanks so much for this very detailed answer. So, as I understand, the amount storage that corresponds to 1 FIL is not defined yet? Will it be defined by the market, just like the price?

Filecoin has a storage market yes, so storage miners will compete to offer their storage for a price they specify x duration. The protocol verifies correct payment for correct services provided.