Transparent disk compression

My patent pending (half of our claims have already been approved) transparent disk compression technology would be an ideal companion to Filecoin.

Interested in a free evaluation? Please visit (for our capacity oriented brand) or (for our performance oriented brand) and download at your leisure.

DiskZIP accelerates disk read speeds, while also creating very substantial amounts of free disk space. In fact, it is guaranteed to create at least 5 GB of free disk space on any system, thanks to the high compressibility of Windows system files. The more apps and data are stored on a system, the more free space DiskZIP creates.

Of course, all decompression is transparent thanks to a file system driver, and this process ends up accelerating disk read speeds, even on already fast SSD drives.

The process is entirely safe, especially when compared to inherently dangerous disk cleanup tools (even if the latter are well meaning). Transparent disk compression works without deleting so much as a single file, so it is always going to be safer!

Of course, the “transparent” part means that data never needs to be explicitly decompressed before it may be used; unlike traditional compression formats like ZIP. As far as end-users are concerned, all their new disk space is coming out of “thin air”.

This makes DiskZIP an ideal companion to any Filecoin user, because they would be able to store more data on their systems - and mine more Filecoins as a direct result!

We could even work together to ensure DiskZIP optimizes Filecoin storage itself, directly - in addition to optimizing the main system to create free disk space for Filecoin.