Unable to start go-filecoin daemon after new devenet(0.2.4)

I decided to restart my node once I saw the block height reset (i assume that was due to the new devnet).

running ./paramfetch -a works and deleted the .filecoin folder. When running go-filecoin init --devnet-user --genesisfile=https://genesis.user.kittyhawk.wtf/genesis.car I received the following error:

Error: Could not Init Node: unmarshal error: stream contains key “timestamp”, but there’s no such field in structs of type types.Block

Then after trying to run go-filecoin daemon, I received this error:

Error: failed to get key from keystore: no key by the given name was found

Any idea what’s causing these messages? Perhaps due to the new devnet, becuase I didn’t run into this previously.

Disregard. I didn’t realize there was a new release of binaries as well. After downloading them, the go-filecoin daemon is working now.

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