Update on DevGrants Wave 1

We’ll be posting on this thread with updates for DevGrants Wave 1. We’ve had 20+ proposals! Exciting news!

We’re finishing up our first wave of comments on received proposals today. Please respond to all comments asap so we can move forward. We’re hoping to make our final decisions by EOW.

Hey folks, very close to finalizing dev grant winners. We will be reaching out via email to all who submitted proposals today or tomorrow. Thank you for your proposals.

Hi Pooja!
Is it possible to get a confirmation of which RFP categories have been covered by wave 1 (vs still open in wave 2)?

e.g. from recent announcement it looks like RSA Vector Commitments were a wave 1 RFP, but doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the list of 6 selected teams. Is it still an open RFP? Curious regarding same for Storage helper libraries.

Please let us know if any of these are still open RFPs for wave 2.


Hi @gskerry, thanks for the question. Yes, RSA vector commitments is still an open RFP. We did accept a proposal for the storage helper libraries, but we are still looking for additional storage helper libraries. We’d have a preference for libraries that are doing different work than what is specifically listed in the RFP since we funded 1 team to do this already, but we’re open to more proposals. cc @eshon