Use wallet to send FIL without syncing chain data?

I build lotus and started the daemon like lotus daemon. I created a wallet like lotus wallet new. I plan to receive FILs from the market in that address.

However I noticed that after header sync I cannot participate in the network as I do not meet the minimum system requirements of 32Gb Ram etc.

Now I can start the daemon like lotus daemon --bootstrap=false When running in this “mode”, will I be able to send FILs using the lotus cli?

Hi @johndoe,

You can download a lightweight chain snapshot from the Filecoin Docs here but it is best to have at least 32 GB RAM for now.

You can also use the Glif web wallet instead at which uses trusted hosted Lotus endpoints provided by Glif Nodes. It works with Ledger hardware wallets, is open source and the code has been security audited by a 3rd party.

Downloading a lightweigt chain (I assume a pruned tree?) will still not enable me to send filecoins from a local wallet, unless I meet the client requirements, right?

As it seems currently there is no way to participate in sending and receiving filecoins with a local wallet without participating in the mining network.

I understand that … but will wait until lotus (or another client) supports truly pruned blockchains or even signing filecoin transactions alone.

My system doesn’t meet 32Gb ram unfortunately.

Your node needs to be synced for you to see new transactions reflected in your local wallet status. But you may be able to submit transactions without syncing all the way, then confirm receipt with a block explorer like The Glif wallet + Ledger HW is recommended for convenience if you don’t have the resources to run your own node. The Ledger HW will hold your private keys securely off the Internet.