What are the current plans around data wallets?

I have had the chance to pass this by a couple people in person, but it seems useful to start a thread about it.

This is a core piece of what Textile needs and so far we’ve rolled our own. So if there are plans we’d love to plan around that and figure out ways to share what we’ve found useful/required in our wallet. If it’s not planned, we’ll just do more to make that piece of Textile better published.

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What exactly do you mean by a data wallet? like, a thing that holds private keys?

Short-term, yes, we have a defined structure for Wallet => Profiles => Some map of data/keys owned by that profile. Right now, data is just content addresses on IPFS, but with filecoin it will probably be some bigger set of metadata (where/who stored, how long, etc). Super early thinking, just curious.