What if storage providers eliminate information

I have read about how filecoin monitors storages with Proof of Replication and Proof of Spacetime. Also, I am aware that storages get incentivized if behaving flawlessly, and penalized if any of these monitoring processes show shortcomings. And, I know that these all reduce the risks of malicious acts significantly.
However, I wonder what will happen if a client’s data get eliminated from a storage. Will the client be able to retrieve the information, or he will lose it once and for all.
Furthermore, I wonder what if an immense criminal actor decides to provide storage for clients and then eradicates their data on purpose in order to ruin filecoin’s reputation. Does protocol labs have any protocol to handle this problem?
Lastly, regarding that every storage provider should provide collateral, I wonder how much collateral is needed and what factors determine the amount of it. Moreover, I wonder whether this collateral is sufficient to act as a deterrent for giant criminal actors who intend to ruin the reputation of filecoin.