What is the max duration someone can set on a contract?

What is the max duration someone can set on a contract?

This limit is not yet defined (Q4’18).

Would it be a good thing to add automatic contract renewal? That would effectively be an unlimited contract. I.e. you join a contract for the maximum allowed amount, let’s say 25 years of storage, but also set it to auto-renew. (That obviously wouldn’t work if after 25 years you don’t have the necessary amount of FIL in your wallet, right?)

I think we expect that kind of functionality to be implemented at a higher level than the core protocol (which is our current focus), perhaps by some kind of maintenance agent which transacts on your behalf.

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Why not store without time limitation? Until you remove it or FIL runs out. It may be a better solution

I think the problem is how much you are willing to pay. Unlimited storing a piece of data requires unlimited FIL for the payment. Right?

@anorth, that’s OK to implement this at a higher level, and I would think it would be a really required feature. However, the problem here is that the system should provide an interface for this. That is, for a client, it could figure out his/her content will be expired some day via a channel, perhaps at higher level, at the same time, it could pay another round of FIL to ask the same miner to save the data for him/her longer, in this case, it is not required to resend the data and no need to redo sealing/RoRep.

Thanks Steven. I think we agree. We’re just focussed on some lower level core functionality at the moment, to ensure that we can support that and other use cases in the future.

You need change the model. Instead of paying for whole duration, the user pays everyday automatically, until his FIL runs out.