Why is there still no clear documentation on getting on the Calibration Devnet?

I cannot find any clear documentation that provides 100% working instructions for joining the Calibration DevNet and the follow-up procedures and related dates, etc.

e.g. How does one create a miner for the CalDevNet?

If someone understand what how “How do I participate?” works on the site:
, please kindly let the outsiders know.


https://docs.filecoin.io/how-to/networks/#calibration-devnet with more info here:

Thank you Eshon for the information.


  1. The CalDevNet faucet doesn’t have the function to create miners. How does one go about creating one for CalDevNet?

  2. There is no clear instruction on how to do this:

    “Build and run Lotus from branch ‘ntwk-calibration’…”

  3. I have built and run ‘lotus daemon’ from the ntwk-calibration branch; however, it appears that the daemon is connecting to the “some” Testnet, with a 29001 block height (as of now)

#lotus sync wait
Worker 0: Target: [bafy2bzaceayygdrrwsuu2vk25fdihr6zl3i4muqfedpgf2neh3pqc2hji43va] State: complete Height: 29001

(which took 3 days to sync! ?!?!?)

  1. What is this site? https://faucet.glif.io/ Why is an uknown domain used/involved in Filecoin.io related operations & events?

Other related questions:

  1. What is that network that has the block height of 29001 (and increasing) and showing on filscan.io?

  2. How is this URL “https://filscan.io/#/home” helpful for people trying to figure out which stats they are looking at? CalDevNet or Testnet (which testnet? – there were also two stats running for “Testnet”)

Hi @Mstry,

Filecoin Community Slack is a better source of this info…

  1. https://faucet.glif.io/ is the faucet for the Calibration devnet
  2. This is a standard Github workflow. So from your Github repo CLI do git fetch to get updates then git checkout ntwk-calibration
  3. The ntwk-calibration branch should auto-connect to the Calibration devnet. Filscan reports it has height 10,079 at this time. Calibration may be reset frequently in the coming week for latest Lotus updates, stay tuned in the #space-race channel in Filecoin Community Slack for udpates.
  4. glif.io is not unknown, it is by a contractor and community member who helped build a faucet with Github verification quickly for the community to use and improve miner experience. The OpenWorkLabs team has been featured on the Filecoin blog here: https://filecoin.io/blog/community-jonathan-schwartz-owl/ and have presented at online meetups. We can confirm they have built an official faucet for the Calibration devnet.
  5. Filscan.io has a network switcher in the upper right, please use that to select ‘Calibration’.

Thank you eshon for the additional information. I think it will be best having all Filecoin related project sites, outsourced or not, associated with the filecoin.io domain to give confidence, uniformity and professionalism to people who are joining in on Filecoin.

How does one create a miner with the faucet.glif.io site? – to use on the CalDevNet to do storage-mining

For example, on the normal Testnet faucet, there is a link for “[Create Miner]”(https://faucet.testnet.filecoin.io/miner.html)

There doesn’t look to be one on the faucet.glif.io site.

Hello @eshon,

Are these the correct standard github workflow for checking out the ntwk-calibration branch?

  git clone -b ntwk-calibration https://github.com/filecoin-project/lotus.git
  cd lotus

, and for building the lotus tools for connecting to the CalDevNet?

cd ~/lotus
make clean; make all


Inside the cloned lotus directory check current branch with git branch.

Hi @Mstry,

Your commands might work, but I usually do:

git clone https://github.com/filecoin-project/lotus.git
cd lotus
git checkout ntwk-calibration

Within every git clone of a repository you have access to all branches, and the default is the master branch. So if you want to switch to the Nerpa Devnet you can do this from the same lotus directory above:

git checkout ntwk-nerpa

To switch back to master branch:

git checkout master

The Documentation assumes understanding of Git and Github because it’s so popular among developers. If you need a quick tutorial you could try https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/learn-the-basics-of-git-in-under-10-minutes-da548267cc91/

Thank you very much eshon,

I will try the instructions out. excited

@Mstry when you need to update your Git repo to latest code you also should regularly do:

git pull

You can also do git fetch instead but if you change any files locally it’s better to do git pull to auto-merge updates.

Thank you.

I have gotten the ntwk-calibration branch, and the lotus daemon is syncing correctly now.

However, it is syncing VERY slowly… 7~25 seconds per height…
Why is it so slow…?

Sorry for the late reply.

The Calibration Devnet is no longer active and has been replaced by the current Testnet.