Will the public filecoin testnet released on time in Q2?

It’s June now. It seems lots of work need to be done.

Where are we now in this roadmap? Thanks.

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No one knows? I’ll find it out in three weeks.

We have not yet completed the filecoin protocol implementation. It is vanishingly unlikely that testnet will be live in June.

So sad to hear that. Thanks for reply.

Thanks for your empathy! I should also have said, you can expect a much more thorough and detailed communication from the team soon.

Looking forwards for that. Thanks for your information.

The roadmap with upcoming milestones will be updated in next month, right? Thanks.

We expect to run a testnet in the next few months which will eventually run side by side with mainnet.
Reference (https://docs.google.com/document/d/17VsfFQk1mZKJj9gkXgSzIPWZAcVeL7VyNjP-is576e4/mobilebasic)